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About Us

A little about Chef Brian Turner

My love of food and being creative started many years ago. I got my start in the food industry over 20 years ago and throughout my career I've had the privilege of working with, and training with some of the top chefs, sommeliers, and bartenders.

I've taken that passion into my home and with Wine & Ginger, I am hoping to bring my passion and love of creating food into your home as well.

I've always loved entertaining at home. Whether its having a few friends over for dinner, or an incredible holiday party with apps and perfectly paired wine. I love bringing people toegther...and sharing great food makes it that much better.

Wine and Ginger brings my love of food and entertaining into your house. 

Let's talk about your next party and how Wine and Ginger can make it perfectly memorable.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Brian S Turner,

Personal Chef

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