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Back to School, Back to Routine

Not everyone has kids going back to school. But most of us feel a need to regroup as the summer ends.

Many people want to eat better for them and their families. As well, I have had some friends reach out because they have some specific dietary restrictions and wanted to know if I could help them prepare some restaurant worthy meals that met their dietary needs.

So between food and time limitations, I have introduced custom weekly meal prep to my offerings at Wine & Ginger.

Ideally I go to the clients home on a Sunday or Monday, bring the groceries, prepare a fresh meal, as well as a few others for the remainder of the week. The menu is customized to fit their needs. And in many cases, they may not require me every week. But rather keep healthy and delicious options in the house for when they need them.

I really love the ability to provide people that are time strapped or limited with their dietary restrictions, with delicious food at a reasonable price.

It amazes me how much people spend on take out. And I have a take out challenge for everyone! If you give me your take out budget for the month, I am confident I can replace those meals, with Wine & Ginger meals that will taste just as good…or better, and be healthier, and available when you need them.

Whether its gluten or dairy free, calorie reduced, family friendly, or specific limitations, Wine & Ginger can help.

Give me a shout..let me help you out!


Wine & Ginger

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