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Custom meals..made to order

Based on Stat Canada, an average Family of 4 in Canada spends $800- $1000 a month on groceries and $200-$300 a month on take out. So estimated $1000-$1300 per family.

And some factors, including dietary restrictions by one or more family members, picky eaters, or convenience needs, can drive both of those costs up.

This is why weekly meals prepared for you have become so popular. Meal drop off, or ingredients with easy to follow recipes delivered to your door has gained momentum for those who don’t want to opt for takeout but either don’t have the time to cook or the know how to create the types of recipes they want.

But did you know that having weekly meals created for you in your own home is another realistic and feasible option.

I launched Wine & Ginger because of my love of food, cooking, and bringing a fun dinner party experience into your home. But I have met so many awesome people and families that are looking for support in the regular meal time area because they either don’t have time to prepare the quality of meals they want for themselves or their family. Or there are food restrictions or dislikes within the group that make it difficult to please everyone.

But the one thing in common is the misconception that personal chefs are too expensive when looking at this option.

When I am working with a client do create a dinner party, I generally charge per person for food and time included.

But with custom meals, I try to create a plan for clients that is affordable and flexible based on their needs.

Most plans include me coming to their homes 1-2 times a week. Each time I prepare a fresh meal for that night, leftovers for lunch or dinner the following day, and 1 or 2 other meals that can be either frozen or reheated and served in the following days.

I generally charge about $250 for 3-4 hours and in that time I can create 3 meals. I can make each entrée bigger to create 2 meals from each menu item. And I can portion them out so you know you have enough for future meals.

I can customize the entrees to include or remove certain ingredients so the family can share a meal that is still customized to the individuals. For example, I can customize around gluten, dairy, vegan, as well as ingredients like fish vs. beef, or no cheese, etc.

Some people have me come in 1-2 times a week and create most of their meals. Others have me come once every 2 weeks and create 4-5 meals that can be frozen for when they don’t have time to cook and don’t want to order take out.

It really is about customizing the plan to fit your needs.

But when looking at the cost, having me create 2-3 meals for you is roughly the same cost as ordering take out. And you get delicious, healthy food that doesn’t break the bank.

Drop me a line or email and let’s start talking about how we can customize a plan that works for you!

All the best,


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